Lean Six Sigma

Below are the main principles of Lean Six Sigma, and they form the basis for how I consult on projects.

Six Sigma + Lean Thinking = Lean Six Sigma

The Five Laws of Lean Six Sigma
Law 0: The Law of Market Customer Critical to Quality is the highest improvement priority, followed by ROI
Law 1: The Law of Flexibility The velocity of any process is proportional to the flexibility of the process
Law 2: The Law of Focus 20% of the activities in a process cause 80% of the delay
Law 3: The Law of VelocityThe velocity of a process is inversely proportional to the amount of Work in Progress (WIP)
Law 4: The Law of ComplexityThe complexity of a service or product offering adds more non-value, costs, and WIP than either poor quality (low Sigma) or slow speed (un-Lean)

Customer Satisfaction = Process Improvement success

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