Below is a list of projects I have recently worked on:
ProjectOrganization Description
Human Resources Recruiting ProcessesloanDepotDefined and mapped key processes for the Human Resources division at loanDepot, providing comprehensive guidance for all Recruiters and Coordinators. Addressed all aspects of the recruiting lifecycle, from job creation & posting to hiring & onboarding.
Talent Acquisition Processes Williams Companies, Inc.Responsible for designing and mapping the To-be Talent Acquisition processes for the Williams Talent Acquisition group in the Strategic Staffing division. Duties included meeting with Subject Matter Experts, identifying inefficiencies and Process Improvement opportunities, and establishing a comprehensive set of Metrics for ongoing monitoring.
Operational & Service Excellence DefinitionSouthern California EdisonAssisted in the development of Edison’s Operational & Service Excellence definition, which is being promoted enterprise-wide.
Executive Compensation OperationsSouthern California EdisonMapped the Level 2 & 3 Operations process flows for Southern California Edison’s Executive Compensation Division. Received kudos from the Manager of Executive Compensation.
Onboarding/Provisioning & Staffing Excellence ProjectsSouthern California EdisonMapped processes for Edison’s Onboarding/Provisioning & Staffing Excellence projects; worked extensively with teams in both major phases of the project and received kudos for high performance.
Business Process Management & Lean Six Sigma Training ModulesSouthern California EdisonDeveloped comprehensive Process & Lean Six Sigma Training modules designed to equip anyone involved in documenting their processes to map and maintain business processes and to understand Lean Six Sigma methodology. The modules are tailored to fit any type or level of expertise as needed. I have taught several groups of Edison employees using these modules.
Talent Management ProcessesSouthern California EdisonMapped all of the processes for Edison’s Talent Management division. My success in this and other initiatives led to Edison offering me a full-time position.
Onboarding PortalSouthern California EdisonDeveloped the content for Edison’s Onboarding Portal; this content is still on Portal.
Share Drive Reorganization ProjectCountrywide Financial CorporationSpearheaded and managed comprehensive Share Drive Reorganization project, designed to organize all team and project deliverable documentation in accordance with a common, structured taxonomy, including filenaming conventions, version control, and storage of deliverable documentation. This also set the stage for implementation of an automated document management system impacting 300 Developers in the Countrywide IT Division and generated an estimated annual cost savings of $10 million.
Project Document Management TrainingCountrywide Financial CorporationDeveloped training program designed to enable project managers and teams organize and manage their project deliverables using a proven method and best practices. This training was used in the Share Drive Reorganization project at Countrywide.
Project Manager HandbookCountrywide Financial CorporationDeveloped a comprehensive guide for Project Managers to provide instruction, tools, processes, and information necessary for managing projects, and to comply with industry best practices as well as company policies and standards. This included all project templates, project workplans, project stages and deliverables, as well as reporting.
Quality Assurance and Testing Methodology Ameriquest Mortgage CompanyWorked with a team of senior consultants to develop a comprehensive Quality Assurance and Testing methodology for software implementation projects. Depending upon the size of the project, we were able to reduce the testing cycle time by 1 to 3 months, resulting in significant cost savings for the company.
Policies and Procedures, and Online Help SystemIndyMac BankDeveloped the policies and procedures for a master mortgage servicing institution in Pasadena, California. I then developed an online help system that incorporated all of the information to make it easily accessible and user-friendly for employees.